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We are strictly Parrot breeder - Congo African Grey Parrots. We offer baby Parrot for sale.Our baby Parrots are parents-fed for two weeks to help build up immunities (parents are good caretakers and talkers). After two weeks, these baby birds are hand-fed and banded by us. We use high quality hand-feed parrot formula. The pet parrots are loved, cuddled with and are subjected to varieties of toys and environment to help them grow and socialize confidently. They are weaned between the ages of 3 to 3 months old. During this time, the pet birds are introduced to varieties of vegetables, beans and other bird treats to help them develop appetite for food varieties. We mainly feed them avian maintenance diet - Premium Diet for Bird pellets. For hygienic reasons, we train the pet birds to drink out of water bottle. These parrots are raised in social environment, so they are well socialized; they will go to anyone without hesitation. After weaning and socialization, we offer these pet parrots for sale, parrot for sale, Congo African Grey Parrots for sale or exotic birds for sale. Finally, we issue "CERTIFICATE OF HATCH".




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